The Numbers and Chemistry of Cancer

It’s now been eight weeks since that Easter Saturday when the bone marrow biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. Eight weeks of chemotherapy. Eight weeks that have felt like eight years and eight days at the same time.

There is a marker for MM that helps measure effectiveness in treatment and that is the measurement of Kappa Light Chains. Light Chains are complex molecules which clog up the system and at the highest level my marker number had been at 3500. In the past eight weeks that number has bounced back and forth but not really reduced. That speaks to the aggressive hold the cancer had in my system.

But now finally I’ve experienced a significant drop from the 3500 number to just over 2100, which is a drop of 30%. Hooray!!!

So, tonight, Wednesday May 27, Meg and I will be traveling to Stanford to spend the night and tomorrow meet with the Bone Marrow Transplant Team for a qualifying interview. They will be interviewing me for healthy viability (they only perform 300 transplants per year) and we will interview the team for the decision itself. There are some in the discipline who believe the transplant is too dangerous for an uncertain return. They also believe that so many cancer drugs are coming to market that perhaps that’s the best course of treatment.


As an update, we have been blessed by the donations that have been made on our behalf. To date, $3000 has been donated and costs such as the lodging at Stanford have been allayed by the financial support. We appreciate it so much. If someone still cares to help, the website is to use Dan’s Paypal account where He collects his speaking and wedding honoraria.

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