“I Am the one you seek”

This Sunday is Christ the King Sunday. Historically, the last Sunday of the preaching year. Next Sunday’s Advent season begins a new year of faith observance. But today is about Christ the King.

I have timed the last sermon series, Jesus’ “I Am” sayings found in John, to serve as denouement for my personal focus as pastor in 2012.  Jesus’ last statements in John 18 summarize not only the series itself, not only the preaching year itself, but my entire outlook of faith. For me, the entire crux of living by faith is found in the personal relationship afforded to me by God himself. “I Am the one you seek.”

I am not anywhere near the obedient servant that I should be. The church isn’t half as holy as it ought to be. And the whole world has plenty of problems over which there seems little hope. But the story of Jesus in the garden, sweating great drops of blood, gives me an indication that the most difficult challenge is navigating the darkness before the dawn. Victory is coming and it will break forth.

God is doing what no human or civilization can do. He is conquering evil. Extricating evil from the dna of humanity is a tricky enterprise. Our position as the apple of his eye makes eradicating our lower nature an act of mystery. When we live by faith, we do so as people believing in his sovereignty and in his providence.  Truth and Love working together.

Happy Holydays everyone.

2 thoughts on ““I Am the one you seek”

  1. being the apple of his eye and our lower nature being eradicated reminds me of something i heard in a 12 step meeting once. the person said, ” i know how i got in the horrible state i was in, but how i am coming out of it is a mystery to me” thank God that He just asks us to look to Him and he does the deep cleaning. thanks for this series, guiding our attention to Jesus.

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