The Royal Law of the King of Grace

A friend weighed in via email about last week’s blog and the verses James writes about favoritism. She offered a unique vantage point on the subject of wealth and church life. As a member of a  family who are well-off and highly regarded in the community, she found her status to be a hindrance to real community, even in church. Admiration toward their family’s status and pedigree kept others from approaching them with an even handed love. The kind of love and fellowship the Bible says the people of God should show. This left the woman feeling lonely and alienated.

When the cracks in family life began to show, almost no one came alongside the family to help them confront the addictions associated with moral failure. This created an untenable place for the woman and her husband. Deprived of spiritual brothers and sisters who would walk this path with them, they struggled for many years alone.

The privileges of following King Jesus are many but none so practical as the community of like-spirited brothers and sisters who should look past resumes and balance sheets to see fellow sinners who all need the grace of God to be redeemed. Favoritism obliterates that quality of life and puts us back under the influence of the evil prince who rules temporarily from the air.

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