Pride and Prejudice

“As believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, don’t show favoritism.” James 2:1.

Growing up in our house meant that we didn’t root for the San Francisco baseball Giants because there were “blacks” on that team.  We rooted for the Twins because they were all white. Especially Harmon Killebrew, who was the hero.

This was a wrong headed notion that became obvious, even for a young boy, because the lips that uttered it said it was such bitterness.  It seemed to me then that such rancor should not be part of a sports enthusiasm. This past Thursday, the same tone came through when a woman here in Oakmont bemoaned the challenge of renting her property in Orange County to the “Asians” that were taking over.

When a person reads the book of James it is clear that the author intends to paint a picture of what constitutes true righteousness.  That right relationship includes the qualities of inner and outer consistency with God’s love for the world.  Showing impartiality leads the list in James’ mind.

Three separate times within the epistle James warns of behavior that favors the exalting of wealth and riches and the people who have them.  Believing that God is on the side of the wealthy and believing that the blessings to them are validations for what God thinks is just as wrong headed as not rooting for the Giants.

Have a good outing today, Tim Lincecum!


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