The Social Network

This week’s Scripture: Genesis 47:27-31

The cool part about Facebook and other social media is that it has put me in contact with old friends from decades past. Once the initial howdys have been exchanged a new, real opportunity is created to pick up where old friendships left off. When these relationships expired in the first place, often it was a casual drifting by time and space. Others were because disengaged emotions left things sticky and difficult. It was better to skulk off than to work it out. Now with many more miles on the life experience, time has a way of softening many of the rough edges that kept things from being wholesome and edifying. I’m enjoying a whole new set of ‘ friends,’ people to whom I can say “I love you’ and really mean it.

When we were young, we had dreams of true relationship. Intimacy. A quality or desire for the quality of being loved and giving love in return. But most of time we lacked the proper delivery system to tease out the truly essential elements of living that dream. Hopefully with time and wisdom we are now at a place where we can really deliver on the dreams of living and loving. Placing fear and power aside, we can appreciate those differences we have with others and still find a way to laugh and live.

Joseph was given a true gift from God when his family came back to him in Egypt. He saw the opportunity as a way to pick up and work together on the family dream. He could have chosen to get even, to flaunt his power and success. Instead he used his life affirming wisdom to help his family prosper and to reconcile the broken relationships caused by his brothers.

The Apostle Paul had a similar softening in his later life when he asked for JMark to be brought to him. His willingness to pick up a broken relationship and to restore JMark to a position of trusted friend was no small feat for Paul and no small gift to JMark. I pray that we will see the chances we have to restore and will take the time to do just that.

One thought on “The Social Network

  1. Dan,
    This writing rings so true for me as well. I appreciate you and enjoy your insights and ability to state truths so clearly. You are a fine writer, friend and man.
    I continue to be blessed from reconnecting with you.
    True Joy is from “living…loving…and laughing.”

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