Waiting On the Promise

The story of Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat is the stuff of Broadway, for sure. His story has sex, betrayal, political intrigue and personal redemption. Who doesn’t love a story that includes a bedroom scene that fades to a prison. Can Joseph, raised as the favored son, really see things differently from his position of privilege? The real question is whether he can rise above the larcenous culture of his family of origin to ascend to some more worthy and honorable position.

This is a question I often pondered while serving as chaplain at juvenile correction facilities. Young boys and girls who seemed innocent at the core found themselves in jail because of the malevolence of others. I would wonder if they could see the errors of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Could they grow and adapt to more positive modes of behavior? Could they resist the influence of older schemers.

During the winter and Easter season, I will be walking my fellowship through a study of Joseph’s life found within the pages of Genesis 37-50. It’s stock filled with twists and turns, highs and lows, family deception and redemption.

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