Grace in the Fruit of the Spirit

Perhaps the most important gift given to me by Pastor Bob Hughes was his exemplary life of love. He loved God’s Word, his family and the church congregation that we served together. He understood humanity’s shortcomings (nothing ever surprised him) and human giftedness. He gave countless young adults opportunities to lead and serve.

This quality of leadership sprung from his understanding of Galatians 5:19-26, a passage that I will cover in my message this Sunday. As such, he understood that the fruit of the Spirit was a singular fruit; that being love. The rest of the list of Paul’s “fruit;” peace, patience, goodness, et al. were character traits of the singular fruit- LOVE.

Others have distinguished the fruit of the Spirit as an array of qualities but for me, I see the overarching appeal that Paul has made to choose love over any other credo. I find it central to the argument that love versus law is at the heart of the Gospel.

One thought on “Grace in the Fruit of the Spirit

  1. This is my life verse. The fruit of the Spirit is the only fruit worth seeking in our lives. I’m glad your friend was a living testimony to God’s refining fruit! Truly His grace is amazing and beyond anything we could ever create with all of the world’s technology!

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