Grace in the Seed of Faith

This week’s Scripture: Galatians 3:15- 4:11

Ben Patterson was so influential in my understanding of  the special moment of history that came together with the birth of Christ. He pointed out that in Galatians 4:4 the phrase, “fulness of time” projected the image of a pregnant woman about to give birth. As the nexus of political, historical, geographical and spiritual interests came together in Bethlehem, who was in the midst? The seed of Abraham.  The nexus was not what, but who. As Cornel West has said, “all the fluids of life come together during the birth of new life.”  It is gritty and beautiful, chaotic and yet sublime. It’s about a baby.The king of the universe was born a baby!

This is Paul’s central theme regarding personal, corporate and universal freedom. That, in Christ Jesus, there is no barrier based on gender,economic or spiritual heritage.  God crossed the boundaries of time and space and gave us, not a moral code with which to reach Him but a Seed of faith. THE SEED that was promised to Abraham.

This Seed gives us freedom to move from slave to child and then to heir.


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